2016-02-01 16:43:47 by Doumaaa

So we finally got that song with TKay done :)  What do you guys think?

I'm not uploading much recently as my life has turned to busking, playing gigs with the folk-rock band ( and working on songs for the band. I've been taking quite a few ideas I have here on NG and turning those into songs now, so I might be able to post a "full band version" of some the riffs I have here, if we get a decent recording.

Cheers y'all, cheers to music. Om Mani Padme Hum.

I'm working on my songs

2014-10-23 06:36:18 by Doumaaa

So, I'm still not uploading much, but I've actually started working on some of the unfinished songs I put up here with a buddy of mine. So now I'm not only in the band (, but I've also started another project (no link yet:). Well music is tough work, but I've earned my first few coins making music and that's a dream come true.

I think I'll post a random quick song once in a while anyways, I can't really stop those from coming. And maybe if we get a decent recording with any of the bands, then I'll probably put it up here too.

Cheers everyone! Do what you love and do it often.

I like my guitar

2013-10-05 22:01:16 by Doumaaa

my guitar is cool.. I haven't been uploading any new stuff lately cause I started playing some covered songs with my brother and friends at pubs and it's taking a lot of time also with my new job. So I'm sorry for that. I still have lots of unfinished projects I plan to work on and upload though..

oh and here's some proof :)

Yipee yay!

2013-06-20 14:12:55 by Doumaaa

100 fans, nice milestone, thank you all for the support. I'm taking a month off from work and plan to do a lot of recording, so I'll probably be uploading some super duper ultra mega doumaaa aka dom humble songs in July/August :). I also made a Soundcloud profile, because I was working on an online guitar course, but I think I'll put all my stuff primarily here anyway. Have a funky day!

Yipee yay!

Let's get funkehh!

2013-03-16 13:41:43 by Doumaaa

So I have a few "almost finished" things from last year which I plan to get done and upload soooon.. hopefully.. and we have another firefreezer feat. doumaaa coming up.

So stay tuned! :D


2012-03-04 11:20:42 by Doumaaa

workin on workin on workin on songs


2011-11-28 14:45:56 by Doumaaa

well I have two finished things that I didn't post yet cause they need vocals.. then I wanna add vocals to my spinach guitar thing and then I wanna make that song with my buddy firefreezer.. so I have loads of work to do and it may take me a while to upload something.. well except for those occasional out of the blue quickies (which form like 99% of all my uploaded stuff here:)

I'm actually working on a song

2011-07-24 16:56:59 by Doumaaa

hooray hooray!


2010-10-24 05:11:14 by Doumaaa